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Stylo at House Crawl 2016 in David Bowie Makeup -- Photo courtesy of Fubenrilms
Stylo at House Crawl 2016 in David Bowie Makeup — Photo Courtesy of Fubenrilms

mGrooves Music label boss Stylo’s (pronounced Stee-low) focus and specialty these days is mainly House, deep, soulful, and jackin’, keeping the crowds packin’.

“I like to make things chunky, sprinkle it with a bit of hip-hop influences from my childhood, then smooth it out sexy like. I don’t grab on to any style because everyone else is doing it.”

Described previously by the DC Examiner as “super hip”, he pulls in the a vast cross-section of music enthusiasts and party-goers with his appetizing and amalgamated anthology of Downtempo styles, ranging from Nu Jazz and Neo-Soul to Brazilian to, Dub Reggae – fresh underground, non-commercial hip-hop rhythms and variety of House and Techno filled with the pulsing sounds of life found in the urban wastes of Baltimore, Maryland, and Washington, D.C.

“It is said that life is all about the journey. Well let’s get to journeying then…”

Stylo has been repeatedly hired to showcase his unique blend of sounds at a variety of events, not only to include local clubs and lounges, but even unique art gallery shows and exotic, even erotic, events, and as his style and name have become known in the mid-Atlantic, it has translated into invitations to spin at private parties from Miami to NYC and into the southwestern USA.

Stylo is also the sole proprietor of mGrooves Music; and the technology and modern media focused JR Design Studio.

“I like to see something marinate like it’s for a fine BBQ, then break it on ya and let the beats and melody take you as if you are basking in sunshine…”

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