Real DJs and Producers Wanted

This is an open call for talent! One of the things that many people don’t realize that is an essential part of DJ and producers job is to be professional curators. While people see and hear the end product they often are not exposed to or appreciate this part of the process. Yet it is an important part of our work and art.

mGrooves Music wants to add artists that know how to have fun and be professional (or want to learn to be professional) about the curating process.

Who are we looking to partner with? YOU!

  • Motivated and self starters
  • Active professional Facebook, Soundcloud, Mixcloud pages, blog, and/or website — if you are still interested in spreading the word about mGrooves Music and our artists but do not have these, please join our fan newsletter as an alternative. Those who have active mixes, original tunes, blog, and/or radio show and podcasts will be a better fit here.
  • (In the case of those who are DJs only) be willing to tag/share/re-post mGrooves Music and the other producers when you use their originals, remixes, and re-edits in your mixes.
  • (In the case of those who are producers) be willing to tag/share/re-post others as well as your own releases that are through this channel. Quid pro quo and barter/trade benefits everyone in this arena!

So you got the chops for this? Then let’s go!

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